Thursday, July 19, 2007

How to configure Streamyx ZTE ZXDSL 831 ADSL Modem

The ZTE ZXDSL 831 is a modem/router supplied by Telekom Malaysia when you subscribe to TM Net Streamyx packages that come with modem.

It works as a modem by default but you can configure it to become a router.

In router mode, you don’t need to dial to login to Streamyx anymore. The router will dial it for you automatically.

Configure to Router mode

1. Login to with the username and password (Case sensitive).

username : ADSL
password: expert03

Note: “03" read “zero three”.


username : ZXDSL
password: ZXDSL

If you cannot logon using the user name and password combinations provided above, you may need to reset the modem by long-pressing the ‘reset’ button to the default factory setting.

2. When logged in, click on the WAN tab.

3. Under the WAN tab, select PPP and then select ADD to add in a new PPP configuration as follow:

PPP Interface = ppp-0
ATM VC = aal5-2 or equivalent ( VPI=0, VCI=35 setting)
Interface Sec Type = Public
Status = Start
Protocol = PPPoE
Use DHCP/DNS = Enable
Security Protocol = PAP
Login Name = yourname@streamyx
Password = your password

4. Under the Services tab, select NAT, and set it to Enable.

5. Under the Services tab, select IP Filter, make sure the Public and Private is set to Accept, and this would allow the modem to access the Net.

After that, click on “Admin” and then “Commit” and then “Reboot”.

6. Set every PCs TCP/IP in your LAN to point to the modem as the gateway.

IP Address = 192.168.1.x ( where x ranges from 2-254)
Subnet mask =
Default Gateway =

Preferred DNS Server =
Alternate DNS Server =

7. Once it’s done you should check your Internet connectivity by loading your favourite website.

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